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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 ·

In this imaginative world, you could create everything. Here, you might create the stories telling your mental experiences of journeys, even in the fiction world, like J.K.Rowling who wrote very interesting serial books of Harry Potter . You could create to make something new that will be better for the mankind life. You could also create a thing in order to promote an innovation, like the story I have written below.

I think that many people have ever had my such bad experience. One day, when I drove my car along the highway, suddenly my car stalled on the road. You could imagine how bad it was. The sun was shining bright. There was no cloud in the clear blue sky. The highway asphalt sparkled and glittered in the sunlight. It was stifling hot.. And suddenly the engine stopped. The nearby was a wide rice field and very quiet. It was far from anywhere. I was alone.

“What can I do now ?” I asked myself.

I got out from my car, and pushed it to the side of the road. I put the security triangle on the back of the car. Then I began to work hard to try repairing the car. I heavily sweat of perspiration. I opened the front cap and stared the machine, expecting to find a damaged cable or something like that. I tried to smell, but I didn’t find anything burned.
Suddenly came a young man with long hair and drew near my car.

“What happened ?” he asked me.

I was very glad, of course. But I felt rather doubt. I had evil thoughts when I looked at his face like a cruel man.

“Is he a bandit ?” I thought and was rather scared. I began to wander that he might have a bad purpose, such as black milling me before he repairs the car. But no…, no way. I was in a hurry to throw that bad thinking out of my mind. Presumption innocent !

“Yeah…maybe the engine is too hot,” I answered.
“May I help you, Sir ?”
“Oh…, thank you very much…...” I nodded.

The young man dropped off his bag from his shoulder immediately. He opened the bag then took out a tool like transistorized radio. He used this tool to investigate the car engine. His manner just like a medical doctor to diagnostic the patient’s disease. Sometimes he pushed the buttons on the radio and listened the voice seriously.

I watched him quietly and felt rather curious . I was not sure that he would be able to repair my car. I have never seen before that someone could repair a car like that.......
“Okay, Mister….Would you start the engine, please ?” suddenly he said.
I was in a hurry to open the car’s door and came in. Then I began to start the engine, and……bremm….brremmm…brrremmmm……, it worked perfectly. It had surprised me, of course. The young man had succeeded to repair my car.

I got out of the car and wanted to thank him. But….there was nobody there. Where was the young man ? Where was he gone ? I looked for him, but I found nobody around there. He had vanished like smokes in the air………

Cheers !
(DS. Utomo)


H. Nizam said...
October 13, 2010 at 2:40 AM  

Hello Pak,
An interesting story.
You are lucky to meet the kind guy.

DS. Utomo said...
October 13, 2010 at 4:35 PM  

Yes, Mas Harry, I'm so lucky to meet the kind guy like you !




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